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21 Sep, 2016

PC, Mac, Linux


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Memoir En Code: Reissue is an autobiographical game album. Designed to be experienced similarly to a music album, this short experimental game explores different bits of my life as a series of interactive tracks. The game leads the player through some very personal moments, from the struggle of keeping together a long-distance relationship to the exploration of childhood memories. The game is an updated re-release of the original version of Memoir En Code, with an extra track, new graphics, interface, music, and developer commentary.


Since many years I'm interested in autobiography in games. After releasing the original game in 2015, and after succesfully going through Greenlight, I decided to work on an updated version of the game with a higher production value and a new take on some recentlife events. Playing through Memoir En Code: Reissue once takes approximately 40 minutes. The game is meant to be played several times to understand more about the different events and the small details that define each of its parts.


  • 9 interactive tracks with unique gameplay and mood.
  • Sad moments and happy moments.
  • All new graphics, sounds and user interface.
  • 9 keys to obtain.
  • 1 message to unveil.
  • Developer commentary.


  • Pieces
  • Øresund
  • Oranje
  • Laurana
  • Otoloop
  • S.S.S.
  • Precisione
  • Silippo
  • Lei Disse


Release Trailer YouTube

Halfway Through - Devlog YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)


Selected Articles

  • "This is Camilleri's success, and what he hoped to achieve when getting around to making his own autobiographical game."
    - Chris Priestman, KillScreen
  • "Alex hasn't stopped experimenting with the videogame language, and this time the topic was his own life."
    - Filippo Ferrari, Wired Italy
  • "This little autobiographical piece opens a window into a video game student's life."
    - Jenova Chen, thatgamecompany
  • "Thanks for sharing this with me. I wish more games were like this."
    - Mahdi Bahrami,

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About Kalopsia Games

Kalopsia is a one-man company making games with love. It was founded by Alex Camilleri in 2014. The focus of the company is to make games that stand out for their game design. Alex has been making games and playful things for many years. In 2010 he moved from Italy to the Netherlands, where he studied Game Design and Production. These studies and an internship at Sony Guerrilla Cambridge (UK) convinced him to start his own company, with the goal to make more personal work. Alex lives in Malmö (Sweden) now, and he writes about himself in 3rd person.

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Memoir En Code: Reissue Credits

Alex Camilleri
Design, Programming, Art, Sound

Special Thanks and Creative Common credits in the game

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