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  • "This is Camilleri's success, and what he hoped to achieve when getting around to making his own autobiographical game."

  • "Alex hasn't stopped experimenting with the videogame language, and this time the topic is his own life."

    Wired Italy
  • "Imagine the experience of listening to an album all the way through. Now, apply that to game design logic."

  • "This little autobiographical piece opens a window into a video game student's life."

    Jenova Chen
  • "A short digital autobiography [...] filled with secrets, clever mini-games, a menagerie of moments both happy and sad, some excellent photography and a very appropriate soundtrack."

  • "Something that may seem small to players on the first playthrough may mean a lot more during the second, after experiencing other events in the game."

  • "A new game, designed and built by a 25-year-old Italian, pulls players back into the everyday, back to places funny, sad and, ultimately, very familiar."

  • "Camilleri's autobiographical game is really interesting, full of character and capable of addressing its message in an intense and original way."

    IGN Italy